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Thursday, August 14, 2008

"B-Muse" is in need of shiny new recruits/bloggers

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BMUSE or as its known in popular myths as "Chotha.Blogspot.Com" (which is hardly a name,btw) has been supplying the battle hardened Mechanical Engineering students of BUET with tutorials, study-materials, ebooks, ezines, educational videos and a plethora of other academic goodness for well over 1.5 years. Our unique (hopefully) website is the first of its kind, at least considering how morbidly allergic our dear Department of Mechanical Engineering has been to any form of web-based academic assistance for students in the near past.

Now , for the first time since the site's inception, we are opening up co-author positions for our " juniors ". Anyone who agrees to the idea of "Open Source Chothabaji" and can write a few lines of English (We would allow Bangla, but bangreji is strongly discouraged) is welcome to contact us. Race, creed, gender , culture, religion, obsessions, philias, phobias all are considered obsolete in our selection doctrine.
Here's what the new recruits will be assigned with:

* Uploading vital class lectures, their mutho-copies (cell phone snaps) , experimental setups etc that might be useful to their peers.

* Uploading ebook download links.

* Posting important notices, announcements etc.

So, don't sit on your hinies for an eternity. Apply today !

Just use the "Contact Us" tab above , fill in the form and well will be contacting with your shortly. Alternatively, you can also contact one of our existing contributors by mailing them directly at either rodentruskel[at] or[at] .





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