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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Thermodynamics Experiment 2 (Mech 2-1)

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Note: Click the link designate with " D/L" beside the respective experiments

Thermodynamics Experiment 2

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Bourden Pressure Tube Schematic Diagram: D/L

Apparatus Specifications:

Bourden Pressure Tube Gauge

Dead weight: 5 PSI (lb/sq inch)
Type: PD 12
Range: 5-300 PSI
*Area of piston: 1/10 sq inch

Electric Muffle Furnace

Temp: 0 - 2000 degrees F/ 1100 degrees C
Voltage: 220 volts
Amp: 3.27 amperes

Electric Oven

Brand: Carbolite

* indicates important field.

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ishfak ahmed said...

link to a electric oven image-

link to an electric muffle furnace-

ps: atunu do sumthing so tht i can directly post in this blog.

ishfak ahmed

NiH said...

Those are not the schematic diagrams dude. Me and Sideshow Bob have already found many such isometric pictures of those two apparatuses in the internet. Try finding a real schematic (2D) diagram with proper labeling.

Anyhow, thanks for your effort though

Shikamaru said...

yo buddy if u got the better versions why did u keep it to urselves? i want them uploaded ASAP.

NiH said...

Dear Shikamaru, did you even read my comment carefully ? I specifically said that we've found (and I quote) "Isometric 3-D pics of the real Muffle Furnace", not the schematic diagrams. These 3-d real life pics are not worth putting on the page and we are on the lookout for better "schematic" diagrams. If we can't find them, then the the real life pics will have to suffice.




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