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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Viva Questions Exp 1

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Questions of Exp 2

When someone said to me Exp 1 viva is a piece of cake, I set back and done my homework on Exp 2 but I had a very rough day with Exp 1(Damn you __ ). Any way I could only answer one of the questions and got 6.5!

Here are the questions you should look forward to—

Flash point / Fire Point:

1. What are these two?
2. If you drawn the picture from this website surely he is going to ask you if there were water flow in this experiment. The answer is No. So, don’t draw the water part from the picture.
3. The colors of the flames.
4. Which one is more important?
5. Why we need to know these Values.
**6. What oil was used in this experiment? (Kerosene) What kind of fuel it is.


1. The principal of pyrometer.
2. Shape of the Filament in the Pyrometer.
3. Its Range.
4. When it is used?

Bomb Calorimeter:

  1. What is temperature Correction? Describe (Haven’t been able to find the answer yet. I am sure I was right but think sir wanted to give me low marks today)
  2. Basic law of bomb calorimeter.
  3. How heat is lost in this exp and measures taken to avoid it.
  4. What is Heating Value?Name Two types of heating value and their definition.
  5. Which heating value was calculated in this experiment and what measure was taken to make it higher heating value (remember you put some water in the bomb calorimeter?that is the key, it makes the air saturated with water)

Well I am short in questions here. So, if you want to contribute add your questions in the comment and I will add them to the original post.

****CURSE those who don’t tell us the questions asked after the VIVA. Hope them to have a Happy afterlife with the DEVIL****






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